another community mental health intake interview

Being unemployed has made it too expensive for me to receive treatment from a psychiatrist and counselor for my bipolar mood disorder that seems to be stuck on depression at this point and crippling anxiety. My suffering has caused my closest family members to suffer also. My marriage of 29 years today is in shambles. My adult sons have watched me deteriorate to the shell I have become. In desperation, I called and scheduled an appointment to be seen at the local community mental health center. A couple of years ago I was receiving treatment there and my counselor who was a LCSW-C began to cry during my sessions which really freaked me out, but the abrasive psychiatrist was determined to medicate me into a drooling zombie. My current reality is that I live in a very rural area in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I’m broke, therefore I  am praying for a better experience now that both the counselor and psychiatrist are no longer employed at the center. So for $150 a very attractive young blonde had me sign all of the legal documents and asked me a long list of yes or no questions that do not really have yes or no answers and talked to me as if we were discussing a machine rather than a human being who is in desperation, depression and reaching out for a life line. The two people who loved me unconditionally and supported me through the rough patches died over the past five years and I feel alone and afraid it’s too late for me to get help and rebuild my life from scratch without  even a friend. I do have a grain of hope and that has given me the strength to reach out one last time.


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